25K to 30K INR a month.
This is what my friend earns by giving tuitions.
He can’t afford a car. (Travels on a good bike though.)
Every month on the last Sunday, he organises a Bhandara (serves free food).
And the amazing thing is that he serves exotic dishes like Pav bhaji, Chole Bhature, Chowmein to poor people.
His entire family and friends contribute and take part with enthusiasm and excitement.
He keeps two big drums of cold water during summers outside the small house where he lives on the 2nd floor for thirsty people to drink during summers.
Every passing year he conducts a havan (religious ceremony) at his home to thank God for giving a stress free happy life in previous year.
He doesn’t own many clothes but always wears well ironed clean clothes, and keeps his hair well combed.
I don’t know how he manages his expenses in this financially draining world of today but lack of any stress on his forehead muscles, and the permanent smile shows how satisfied he is.
I don’t know what exactly being rich is, but I genuinely admire and envy his richness in this poor world.
Why can’t all of us be a little like him?