1. Don’t keep all your funds in one bank.
2. Spend your salary only after deducting some amount for savings each month.
3. Always invest little money in some high-quality stocks every month and forget about it.
4. Never let EMI’s cross 30% of your income so that you don’t fall in the debt trap.
5. Fixed Deposits today gives almost zero return if adjusted with inflation, invest in low-risk mutual funds instead.
6. Always keep some ready cash with you to make money in adverse circumstances by purchasing shares at throw-away prices. (Like these days)
7. The best way to save money is not to waste it on destructive assets, like excessive car loan EMI’s. These depreciate at the speed of light.
8. Buying groceries once a month, sounds cliche but saves a lot of money wasted on impulse purchases every time you visit a supermarket.
9. A good quality pair of shoes, stays with you for years; however, a cheap quality pair remains for months. Be smart, buy decent quality products, estimate replacement costs before purchasing.
10. Plan holidays from your income, bonuses or profits must create wealth and assets.
11. Medical insurance saves you from instant bankruptcy or loss of life because of lack of funds.
12. Anything which depreciates over the years is a liability, anything which at least maintains its value over the years is an asset.
13. Live a stress-free life; stress leads to wasting money on temporary pleasures and medicines.
14. Allot pocket money to your children from an early age, controlling spending and inculcating good habits.
15. If both spouses earn, family income doubles and savings multiply.
16. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the cheapest and the healthiest.
17. Spend money on the Internet so that you don’t need to go out every other day.
18. Never buy the topmost model of any product; they offer unneeded extra features for a very high cost.
19. Don’t create needs out of other people’s luxuries; don’t live a Facebook life.
20. There are beaches, deserts, hills, forests, waterfalls, rivers, every geographic wonder in our country, travel within the country at reasonable rates.
21. Maintaining products saves you from huge capital losses of repurchasing often.