1. “महंगा रोये एक बार, सस्ता रोये बार बार” (one who buys high quality products cries once while people who compromise on quality keep crying)
  2. Instead of finding ways to save money by cutting on necessary expenses, find ways to earn more!
  3. Every month, as soon as you receive salary, donate some money to your future self and forget about it.
  4. Marrying a working partner will break all your expenses into half and you both will have a secure and stable life.
  5. Spend less frequently, accumulate needs and buy together to avoid wastage. (This helps you against reckless or momentary spending)
  6. Spend lavishly on appreciable assets. (Gold, property), think ten times before buying diminishing assets. (Cars, mobiles)
  7. Today’s show off is tomorrow’s junk. (Iphone 4s purchased just 3 years back for INR 27k is priced at 1.5k today)
  8. If you don’t survive today, there would never be a tomorrow. Focus on today’s earnings along with tomorrows vision. (Avoid the profitless startup culture)
  9. Financially helping people in no urgent need makes them addicted. (And one day, despite of helping them you would be disrespected)
  10. If you trust the future of a company, invest and forget, don’t keep checking the share prices again and again. (Reduce confusion, stay focussed)
  11. If you have the right intent, you can save money from your pocket money also. (Don’t give excuses of low salary)