1. QuinPin works by having the community ask and answer questions. When you want to know more about something, QuinPin delivers you answers and content from people who know the answer – like real doctors, economists, screenwriters, police officers, and military veterans.

  • Ask questions when you have them.
  • Answer questions when you can!

2. Use your feed and tell QuinPin what you’re interested in reading.

  • Your feed is filled with stories that interest you. You can view your feed by going to the homepage.
  • Build a good feed by following Categories, tags and people, and taking actions in feed that tell QuinPin what you like.
  • Categories: When you follow a category, questions and answers have with that category will appear in your feed.
  • Tags: When you follow a tag, questions and answers tagged with that tag will appear in your feed.
  • People. When you follow people, you will see questions and answers posted by these people in your feed.
  • The easiest first step: start by following some categories and some tags that you care about and some people who write about them.
  • You can also read some interesting questions and popular answers to get a feel for the site.

3. React answers and questions that you think are helpful.

  • When you see a good answer on QuinPin, vote it and select as best answer.
  • Your vote help people see good answers and make QuinPin better.
  • You can also reply the answer.
  • You can also follow the question to get updates of latest answers.
  • You can also add the question on your favorite list by clicking on star icon.
  • If you find good answer or question, you can share it with your friends.