The verified checkmark icon appears on profile pages for well-known and high-visibility public figures in general interest domains like business, entertainment, government, religion, journalism, sports and other areas. In support of our mission—to provide a better platform to the world where users can ask questions and help others by answering them—we will verify a profile if we believe that many people reading answers from the person will recognize the name and will value confirmation that the writer is the person that they think it is.

What is a verified profile on QuinPin

A verified profile on QuinPin is a high-profile writer, public figure, or organization whose identity on QuinPin has been confirmed. You will know that an account has been verified if they have a blue verified check mark on their QuinPin profile.

Why does QuinPin verify profiles?

As QuinPin has expanded its reach and scale, we have seen an increasing number of public figures writing answers. Verification helps establish the authentic identities of these individuals. We verify profiles to help you be sure that people are in fact the people that you think they are.

What kinds of profiles get verified?

We verify a profile when we believe that a significant percentage of QuinPin readers recognize the person’s name or background and will value confirmation of the person’s identity.

What about company or organizational accounts?

Not all company profiles are verified on QuinPin. We apply the same standard for verification to companies as individuals and may ask an organization to verify its identity in order to avoid impersonation of well-known entities.

Besides verification, how can I show my profile is authentic?

On QuinPin, the best way to support the authenticity of your identity is to link your profile to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles. You can do this by visiting your QuinPin “Edit Profile” by clicking on your name on the upper right-hand side.

How do I submit my profile for verification?

You can submit your profile using the form at Please provide any relevant information about your request for verification. Accounts are more likely to be verified if you have connected your Twitter or Facebook account, which can be done using the Settings page.