When you report something on QuinPin, it is sent to the QuinPin Moderation team for review. You can report content such as questions, answers, and comments using the “Report” option found in the ‘More’ menu (e.g., the “…”) located at the bottom of each piece of content. 

If QuinPin Moderation determines that the content you reported is in violation of QuinPin’s policies, it could result in one or more of the following actions:

  • We’ll collapse/hide the content or, for severe violations, delete it. 
  • If the reported content is a question, we’ll either a) limit its distribution until it’s sufficiently improved, or b) delete the question altogether. To learn more about question deletion, see What is QuinPin’s policy on question deletion?
  • If the author of the reported content is found to have repeatedly violated QuinPin’s policies and/or Terms of Service, we may edit-block or ban their account.
  • You’ll receive a notification that QuinPin Moderation took action on your report.

For more information about reporting content, please see How do I report content or users that violate QuinPin’s policies?