Please note that this policy does not apply to QuinPin Groups. To learn more about our policies for Groups & Group content, please see: What is QuinPin’s policy on Groups?

A core QuinPin principle, “Be Nice, Be Respectful” (or “BNBR”), requires that people treat other people on the site with civility, respect, and consideration. Respect opposing or differing opinions, beliefs and conclusions. Try to listen to and understand others you may disagree with. Encourage others on the site to also be welcoming and respectful.

No hate speech
QuinPin is a place for civil discourse and does not tolerate content that attacks or disparages an individual or group based on race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic. Any generalizations about these topics should be phrased as neutrally as possible.

Using any of the words on Wikipedia’s list of ethnic slurs is not allowed, unless the purpose is to ask a question about the usage/background of the word.

No glorifying or advocating violence
QuinPin does not allow content that glorifies violence. Images, videos, and descriptions of violence should not be added with the intent to traumatize others or make them uncomfortable. Content involving violence is permitted if it raises awareness about particular issues, memorializes historical events, or is educational in nature.

Threats are not tolerated on QuinPin. Content should not make threats against others or advocate violence, including self-harm, even in a joking manner. Questions that seek advice about how to commit acts of violence or self-harm will be removed.

QuinPin may also ban and remove all content from any user who is a confirmed and/or declared member of any group on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, or is a confirmed participant in acts of mass violence or hate crimes.

No harassment or bullying
Abusive behavior is not allowed on QuinPin. Repeated and unwanted contact constitutes a form of harassment. Using sexually explicit or flirtatious language toward another person, if such language would likely make the person uncomfortable, also constitutes harassment.

Be respectful of other people’s content. Assume other people that you interact with on QuinPin are acting in good faith; don’t insult questions, answers, or other content.

Participating constructively in comment threads
In general, comment threads on QuinPin are interactions among strangers. Given that another person on the site may be new to QuinPin and/or doesn’t know you, we require a higher level of politeness than other interactive platforms where users know one another and/or where more adversarial social norms are established and tolerated. A key goal of the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy is to help ensure that comments do not stifle helpful discussion and debate.

Thoughtful discourse, including debate, is encouraged on QuinPin. It is OK to disagree as long as your comments are civil, respectful, and polite, and as long as you give the impression of assuming good will on the part of the person you are disagreeing with. A good way of framing this test is: “If I am new to QuinPin and / or don’t know you, would it be reasonable for me to perceive your comment as hostile or disrespectful toward me or what I’ve written?” The answer should be no.

In multi-comment threads where there is significant disagreement among people, a person should stop commenting on the thread before creating the reasonable impression that they are harassing, attacking, and/or bullying another person.

Criticism and diversity of opinions
QuinPin is a place for diverse people with diverse views and experiences. There will be times when content may express a negative point of view, or one that does not agree with your own.

QuinPin won’t take down content solely for expressing a negative or unfavorable viewpoint if the content appears to be helpful in fostering debate or serving the public interest. QuinPin’s BNBR policy is not intended to prevent criticism on matters of public interest, public figures, or organizations.

When expressing a negative viewpoint, people should ensure their criticism is relevant to the point at hand, and does not contain unfounded or absurd accusations. When answering a question, do your best to see the world from the perspective of the person who posted the question. It is usually not helpful to criticize or challenge the fundamental beliefs of other posters on QuinPin in a response to other content, and doing so may be considered a BNBR violation. For example, in responding to the question “Is it OK to only go to church on Easter?”, the following answer would be considered disrespectful and is not allowed: “There is no God and religious rituals are a waste of time.”

What to do if you see content that violates this policy
It is never OK to violate the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy, even in response to another person who has violated the policy. If you think that someone has violated this policy, please report the content using our in-product reporting tools. If you’re being harassed by another user, you can also block them.

QuinPin may remove content and take actions against the accounts of users who violate these policies.