We encourage users to have a single account on QuinPin. However, we understand that someone may want multiple accounts – e.g., one account for personal use, and one for professional use. We will not penalize a user simply for having more than one active account. However, using multiple accounts for any of the following reasons is not allowed:

  • Faking or manipulating engagement
  • Targeted user/content reporting
  • Creating new accounts in order to bypass or evade an account ban or edit-block
  • Using accounts to harass, threaten, or impersonate someone

If we determine that someone is violating this policy, it will result in one or more of their accounts getting restricted or banned.

If you believe that someone is violating this policy, please visit our Contact Page, select the “I want to report other infringement”, and provide as much detail as possible (a link to the user’s profile, why you believe they’re in violation of this policy, etc) to help our team investigate. If you specifically want to report an account for impersonation, please use this contact form instead, and select “I’m being impersonated” as the reason for your report.