Please note that this policy does not apply to QuinPin Groups. To learn more about our policies for Groups & Group content, please see: What is QuinPin’s policy on Groups?

There are three types of question deletions on QuinPin:

  1. Deletions made by the user who added the question. After adding a question, the OP (Original Poster) has a grace period during which they are permitted to delete the question; this grace period ends when a certain level of activity on the page has occurred. This policy is consistent with QuinPin’s philosophy that questions belong to the community.
  2. Deletions requested by a user – e.g., regarding a question about themselves as an individual.
  3. Deletions made by QuinPin Moderation

Some reasons why QuinPin Moderation may delete a question include:

  • The question is not an attempt at eliciting good answers, perhaps because it is primarily focused on making a point in an argumentative manner.
  • The question violates QuinPin’s Policy on Protecting Individuals.
  • The question could be considered to constitute harassment or hate speech by a reasonable observer and has the potential to make the experience of using QuinPin uncomfortable for targeted group(s) of users.
  • The question is posed such that a direct answer that attempts to provide the information requested by the question would inevitably be contrary to a QuinPin policy, including but not limited to the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy and the policy prohibiting answers that advocate certain harmful actions. 
  • The question’s primary focus is the promotion of a product or service.
  • The question is a legal or medical question that concerns client- or patient-specific facts.
  • The question is incoherent or otherwise unable to be answered meaningfully, and would not be improved by straightforward edits.
  • The question appears to have been created with the purpose of attracting spam content.
  • The question is a solicitation, classified ad and/or job posting. (To be clear, it is fine to ask questions like “What are the best ways to go about hiring great iPhone developers in Silicon Valley?” that are requests for general, reusable advice.)

Additional Notes:

  • Questions that are merely badly formed or unclear will be tagged for improvement rather than removed. There is a presumption in favor of editing questions rather than deleting them where this is reasonable and practicable.
  • If you feel your question has been unfairly deleted, please use this contact form to submit an appeal.