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After B.tech MBA vs M.tech, which one is better?

3 Answers

  1. MBA and MTech are different fields.

    MBA- Master in Business Administration

    MTech- Master in Technology

    Both have different job opportunities. One is for management purposes and one is for technical purposes.

    It totally depends on you and your goal.The ambition you have set for your life can tell you the best .

    Once you move from engineering to management, there is almost no going back.

    But if you make up your mind to do MBA, then I’ll suggest you to have at least 2yrs of job experience and then go. It will add value to your resume and also in MBA placement, company will prefer you over others. The same also is applied for MTech.

  2. Both are different fields.

    MBA is for leading, marketing.
    M.tech is for expert in technology or masters.

    and after m.tech you also have opportunity to educate your juniors, means you can start work as a teacher in the college.

    But do you want to join corporate so I suggest you to do MBA.

  3. MBA & M.tech are different. so it’s your choice which you are in intrested. If you’re interested in business then MBA is best for you otherwise you want technology then M.tech is best

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