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Do you prefer traveling by air?

2 Answers

  1. Why do people prefer air travelling than road travelling?
    Overall, it comes down to 3 factors:


    Is travelling by road more convenient than by air? Is the airport located right in the middle of the city (generally it is more convenient if the airport is inside the city)? Does the airline serve food inflight? Are there any convenience station along the way?

    Overall travel time

    Is travelling by road from Point A to Point B faster or slower than air travel including going through the airport, check-in, waiting, security checks, boarding and de boarding among others? Generally, European will travel by rail for short hops like Amsterdam to Brussels rather than flying. People in Colombia will choose air travel since it is generally quicker to fly there than to travel by land due to Colombia’s physical geography.


    Is air travel cheaper or more expensive? Is road travel cheaper especially fuel? Will I save money if I participate in the Frequent Flyer Program of the airline?

    These are generally the deciding factors of people want to travel by air or road, and it depends on which place are you in. Air Travel is preferred when it is more convenient, faster and cheaper than road travel.

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