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Divya Rathore

How do you spend your monthly salary?

2 Answers

  1. I live in Noida. I recently turned 26. I am in the Corporate sector & earn 10LPA , after all the deductions. I get 70K in Hand. Here’s how I spend it

    Rent : 13000, I stay alone in a studio apartment since all my friends moved out of the city/country.
    Bike EMI: 7500, There’s still few months left. I’ll be free from this after November this year
    Recurring Deposit: 30K , I had no savings till date as I used to overspend and had huge amount of credit card debt almost around 5.5 lacs, I have recently cleared it all and started saving as I might get married probably by next year, so this saving is going to come in handy at that time.
    Electricity bill: 1500. Nowadays I stay alone, so it’s not that much.
    Phone and Wifi: 1500, 1200 for wifi and 300 for my phone bill.
    Send to parents: 5000 Well this amount can vary (increase) depending on what’s needed at home. But 5K is a fixed amount that I send to parents, even though they refuse to take it.
    Cleaning 900: 300 monthly for bike cleaning guy ( Dhananjay sahab ) & 600 for cleaning lady ( i never asked her name ). She only comes once a week, as it’s a studio apartment and I’m only staying there 3–4 days a week and it doesn’t get that dirty. Rest 2–3 days I stay over at my girlfriend’s.
    Monthly groceries: 2500 , this includes 20L water bottle as well. I probably order 4 bottles in a month which cost around 340 per month. Expensive because, where I live they only Deliver bisleri which costs 75 Rs. per bottle and 10 rs Delievery charges.
    Miscellaneous: 7760, This is dedicated for ordering IN or going out or movies and shopping. When I say shopping, i mean buying a pair of shoes (sneakers) 😈.
    p.s. i started from earning 15K per month in 2016 and reached to 70K per month in 2019. I come from a Middle class family and got my b.tech done from a Tier 3 private college. After everything, it feels nice to end up somewhere where you feel good and your parents also feel proud of you.

    Also, this is my first answer on QuinPin, but have to go anonymous for some reasons 😇

  2. I am 28 , and I’m working in private company in Noida . I’m anonymous because my salary is less than any of my friend may be because of my choices in life and my changing of too many jobs and depression over period of 10 years

    My take home salary is 35400 out of which

    1 . 10800 in pg rent ( including food for 3 time ); separate room with separate washroom , all elec and WiFi included .

    2. Petrol for my scooty : 800–1000 rs / month

    3. Travelling around 1000 since i go to my home at least once a month.

    4. Miscellaneous roughly 1000–1500.

    5. Savings – anywhere 20000–25000/ month

    My commitment to become financially independent with my bank account give me motivation to atleast save if not earn more. And I live in costly pg because I want separate room for myself . My saving habbit has given me good result in 5 years.

    I’m trying to get over depression and I have not taken even single medicine for more than 18 months and i feel more stable than before . May be I will have better succes in coming years .

    Thanks for reading .

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