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How much does it cost to list on justdial?

2 Answers

  1. Here’s how much it costs to list your business on JustDial:

    One of the most popular local search engines in India, JustDial, offers different levels of service to businesses that want to improve their exposure. How much it costs to list on JustDial depends on a number of things, which I’ll explain below:

    1. Free Listing: JustDial lets businesses list themselves for free with simple information like their name, address, and phone number to reach them. You can do this on their website or through their mobile app.

    2. Packages that cost money: JustDial has paid packages that give you more exposure and more tools. The cost of these packages ranges from INR 5,000 to over INR 50,000 per year, based on things like the location of the business, the category, and the specific features selected.

    3. This is a featured listing: You’ll need a “Featured Listing” if you want your business to be at the top of search results in your area. The price for this can change a lot depending on how much competition there is and how much people want it in your area.

    4. Extra Services: JustDial also offers marketing services like making websites, SEO, and PPC advertising, each of which has its own price.

    5. From my own experience: When I worked with clients who had listings on JustDial, I found that the amount of money you put into your listing was often related to how well it worked. Most of the time, the best thing to do is work with a JustDial salesperson to create a package that fits your budget and business needs.

    6. Summary: Listing on JustDial can be done for free, or it can cost a lot for premium benefits. To make the best choice, you should think about what your business needs and how much money you have. Talking to a JustDial representative can help you get a price that fits your needs and give you useful information.

    By using JustDial’s site well, you can reach a large number of local customers and make your business more known. JustDial gives you a wide range of options to meet the goals and budgets of your business, whether you want a free listing or a more prominent one.

  2. Justdial is the biggest fraud in India. Want to burn your money. Go give them. They are the biggest scammers you can see. Look at YouTube reviews of how they cheat everyone. EVERYONE!! Beware!!

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