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Is hotel management a good course?

3 Answers

  1. Considering future prospects, yes, hotel management is undoubtedly a good option. But then, it comes with its cons as well.

    One, the course is TOUGH. You need to maintain journals, grooming, attendance (in most IHMs) and you will be deprived of what you have pictured college life to be like.

    Then, there’s emotional and mental stress. To be honest, for the first five years or so, in this career, you’ll return home mentally drained and disappointed. And ofcourse, the work pressure and long working hours are other challenges you’ll face.

    But yes, once you overcome it all and find a firm stand in the industry, there’s no looking back. You’ll go places (quite literally, too) and earn lump sum. If you want to get rich while you’re still young, this is the place to be in!

    P.S- A hotel management course makes you a better human being. 馃檪

  2. Well “Hotel Management” is a good option for career…but there are few challenges like –

    -You have to be groomed every day.

    -The college life which you are having in your mind, the IHM college life is too different from that(especially ratio of girls and boys are like 10:90)

    -The main factor which u have to be having is hospitality like you love to make people happy.

    – Once you get placed the salary package is not good unless you’ve cracked any MT program (like OCLD) otherwise the salary package is too low.

    – There are no such shift timings, you have to work around a maximum of 12 hrs shift per day.

    – Then you have to settle yourself for different shift timings (like morning shift, afternoon shift, night shift)

    – If you are having lots of problems in your personal life, doesn’t matter you have to give smile always to the guest.

    so…if you are ready to bear all your comforts then this is the right option.

    After doing the job for five years you’ll definitely get a good position and salary also.

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