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QuinPin vs Quora – Which is better and Why?

2 Answers

  1. Hi,
    I found this community better than any other platform like Quora.

    QuinPin has the simple QnA Platform with the advantage of category and tag selection, because this feature help to customize the feed, and I notice that if we enter wrong category, then QuinPin team change the category that helps to reach the question to the right people that have the same intrest.

    And I love Quinpin because quinpin offer a monetization policy to all users but, quora don’t have the same policy to all users.

  2. Both are work on same concept QnA.

    May be Quipin is a new platform that doesn’t have enough questions and answers but, Quora have lot of questions and answers.

    Quinpin has the easiest way to ask questions but Quora doesn’t have.

    Quiinpin have category and tag saction but Quora doesn’t have.

    Quinpin have easy and simple interface of the application, but may be Quora have little tough to use and understand.

    Quora provides earing facility to specific users but, Quinpin have the same facilities to all user to earn money.

    Quinpin have point system but Quora doesn’t have.

    Quora have a big community of users but, Quinpin don’t have.

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