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What are the good and bad things about Parul University (both positive and negative reviews)?

What are the good and bad things about Parul University (both positive and negative reviews)?

1 Answer

  1. I have studied there, B.Tech CS course and I would like to highlight some facts and then you decide yourself. This is purely on my self experience.
    I feel it as a fancy college, if your father have lot of money to spend. You are too much intrested in events, college life fun parul is definitely for you.
    If you seeking for study, innovation, meeting intelligent people, go somewhere else.
    Btech students were planing to buy autorikshaw, Some were planning for open gala pan shop.
    No talks about sense everybody is depressed and seeking escape by alchohol, oppsite sexs, some were caught with weed too just outside the campus.
    Faculty are good but you wont get any environment to study as 98 % people don’t want to study. you will be confuse that you should prepare home as classes don’t have environment or you waste your time as attendance criteria is compulsory.
    Lot of useless event so you may not be able to concentrate.
    Hostel life
    Its ohk actually compared to other hostel but Campus security is too narrow minded and they act like police officials. If just a girl or boy is standing they will treat them like craps. Useless shitty rules. You don’t have any authority and chance to question decision. The charges a lot and can expelled you from hostel at any time without returning your fees. They will fine you uselessly.
    Moreover you cannot move all the parts of garden as show in their ad.
    This is my fav. You are some sales guy or want to do clerical job you go there. But want some serious placements never approach here . Firstly you don’t get job but if you are lucky and talentedly They provide you shitty jobs with placements of 13k per month or lower. If you are very lucky and talented and had done some good deeds ,people pray for you , god grace is upon you then you may get a 23k jobs in core ,which is 1 in 10000 chance. Fee have been placed in govt. Org but they have
    Preparations were after they have passed the college.
    If you want Btech good placements except I.t, (stay very very away).
    Other facilities
    They give you gym which is mostly overcrowded, and only 1 hour from which 25 mins go in waiting.
    Swimming pool is there. Canteen is good
    College is absolutely safe, there is nothing to fear for girls boys or ragging. Its totally safe all the things people talk some of them are rumors. Few are real too
    In my opinion most of the people are depressed and have lost faith in studies due to environment. College like this have low merit. And once you have passed out you will find yourself to be victim of education trap.
    If you want a good job dont go on advertisement. Seek for good companies and ask them how they got placed from which college. If you are planning for future plan it in a well way.
    Don’t just ask uncle,mama,papa friend who will give u job .
    They all will run away ask someone who have literally achieved something in that field
    Above written statement my own experience, other may vary but if you want just go to beautiful campus and atleast meet 20 students of college and ask opinion,(atleast 20).

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