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Kapil Maurya

“What is the best way to express your feelings to someone you like?”

“What is the best way to express your feelings to someone you like?”

3 Answers

  1. aalan
  2. 1- Care for them .
    2- Listen to them.
    3- Talk to them.
    4- Respect them.
    5- Appreciate them for their specialty as well as beauty or handsomeness (if they can digest this appreciation, I mean there might be ego arises).
    6- Smile to them.

    Try to be well dressed and good looking around them, it would leave a good impression.

  3. 1. Embrace their dreams and goals as your own.

    2. Care for them selflessly.

    3. Talk to them passionately like there is nothing else to do.

    4. Get out of your comfort zone and try something creative, funny or silly to amuse them.

    5. Make them laugh and smile when they are with you.

    6. Say or do something which makes them giggle, smile or blush when they remember it later.

    7. Listen to them carefully when they are talking.

    I don’t know how to show love…in fact I feel that one should not try to show love.

    Just feel the love…if you can feel your love; others can feel that too.

  4. aalan
  5. On-their-face. Directly. In clear sentences. Not on phone, not via texts or emails. Face-to-face.

    It is extremely difficult to execute it. I have been there. It is intimidating as hell. That is why most people don’t do it.

    Confessing your feelings is one of the most courageous things you will do. It leaves you vulnerable and exposed. Nothing breaks like a heart, right?


    When we confess face-to-face, we eliminate any chance of assumptions or misinformation or a third person influencing anything.

    Moreover, the other person can see it in your eyes, your body language, the strain, nervousness, fear and the genuine effort you are putting in. For them.

    That makes a lot of difference. Believe it or not. Especially, if the other person is a friend. There won’t be any awkwardness or chances of the other person misleading you because hey, you can read their reaction and body language too, remember. Honesty pays.

    I can say this because I haven’t had much luck in love. Not that you can change how someone feels for you. But I feel that every time I did not tell the guy face-to-face, I kind of let myself down. Because I could not let him see I meant what I said. That it all came from a place of honesty, earnestness and most importantly, effort.

    It takes a lot to get oneself out there again. Why not experience it completely? Commitment-phobia and fear does not take one far. Those are temporary solutions.

    You can be either courageous or scared – stupid or coward.

    Its your choice that sets your future.

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