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What is your hand in salary after all taxes? Are you happy with it?

What is your hand in salary after all taxes? Are you happy with it?

2 Answers

  1. What is your hand in salary after all taxes? Are you happy with it?
    I am 30 years young Software Engineer, staying in Mumbai with my wife. My in-hand salary is 1.65L after tax and other deductions. In addition to this I get some incentives for taking interviews as well.

    Am I happy?

    I can’t answer this in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

    I started my career with TCS in Sept 2014 and my first salary credited was around 12k during the training. I was very happy and rushed to the ATM to check my bank statement. That was the first moment I felt independent, in the sense that I can now take care of my own expenses.

    After my base location posting in Bangalore, I used to get 19–20k in hand

    Hi everyone, i am 25 years of age with 2 years of experience. I graduated from an average college where mostly service based company use to come for placement. So i don’t have any 6 digit salary to flaunt nor i am paying any taxes until now.

    I joined infosys in January 2021. We were given Virtual training for 5 months at that time my inhand salary was 19k monthly.

    After confirmation My current CTC is 4.1 lpa and inhand i get 30k monthly.

    Here is how i spend my salary

    8k for pg rent
    5k for recurring deposit account.
    5k-6k to home.
    4–5k miscellaneous expenditure
    So every month i am able to save 4–5k.

    Am I happy with it?

    I have seen people unhappy even after earnings a 6 figure salary. Sometimes the salary feels low when i see people earning almost double- triple at my age but For me i am able to meet my expenditures every month. With this minimal salary i have learnt the value of money and not spending it on unnecessary things. I have met some the most wonderful people after coming to Hyderabad.

    Recently i cleared RRB PO, so my salary will increase after i join. Hoping to clear IBPS PO now.

    Thankyou ❤️


  2. I am 24 year old and i have completed my graduation in 2020. I am below middle class family.

    Previously, I worked in a small cloth shop as a sales man and there I was getting 3000Rs per month. There I worked around a year then I left. Then aI tried to give interviews in tech Mahindra and all other companies for customer care jobs but I rejected due to my weak english communicationa. So After that in 3 months I improved my English so that I can get a job. Then I have given interview in a company ( Can’t disclose name) and I get selected☺️. Currently I am working in the same company and I am getting around 16–17k after doing overtime and I always do overtime.

    Now the question is that I am happy or not?

    Yes, I am happy because I am helping my parents financially and myself also😁.

    For work I bought a laptop and Recently I bought VIVO T1 phone, previously I had a JIO phone🙃.


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