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What's your most unforgettable travel experience?

2 Answers

  1. This experience happened to me when I was returning to hyderabad after completing my semester exams. I was pursuing B.Tech at NIT Kurukshetra, So I had to leave for Delhi Airport by Bus early from kurukshetra. It started raining ….when i was 50 kms away from Delhi. Due to water logging,there was huge traffic and bus moved at a snail’s pace . When I was at outskirts of Delhi ,The time was almost 8.40 and scheduled departure of flight to Hyderabad was at 9.55.

    One of the fellow passenger adviced me to hire a taxi and reach airport. I got down the bus and hired a taxi. A local taxi driver approached me and promised to take me to airport within 1/2 hour. I was in such a helpless situation and with a hope that flight might get little delayed due to bad weather, got into taxi. I counted every minute-second by second sitting in the taxi. He somehow managed to steer his vehicle through the Delhi Traffic. We reached the airport at 9.50. It was of no use reaching 5 min before, as we have to reach at least 45 min before for boarding a flight.

    I immediatly rushed to the airline check-in counter and asked the check-in officer if there was any chance to board the flight. She immediately ringed the highest concerned authority and informed. He said that he couldn’t do anything at that time. I just went back to the waiting area and sat in a chair searching various alternative options to reach home. Then in a flash my eyes turned towards the airport departure board, it looked somewhat similar as below

    I was shocked seeing a final call for my Hyderabad flight, then immediately googled for the status of my flight and it showed “the flight is delayed by 45 minutes”. I showed this to the officer. She rejected it straightaway saying that was not just a normal delay and no one shall be allowed to board at that time. I went on arguing why wasn’t I allowed when I was eligible for boarding it. She kept on saying some lame reason that some internal documentation has been done. I asked her to check CCTV footage as I reported well before the actual departure. I was in desperate need of flight and kept on arguing for almost 1/2 hour and even the flight has departed by the time argument ended. I felt rejected and decided to complain DGCA(Authority of airports) and then the airline manager saw me going there. He called me and asked what was the matter and I explained him. He offered me a free ticket in the very next flight to Hyderabad.

    Kudos to the driver who has brought me 50 minutes before the delayed departure.
    Thanking airline manager. I do not even understand if I was really worth of ticket or just have won the ticket for the sheer argument skills that I had.

  2. Google Maps. We all love it. Don’t we?

    I was travelling from Siliguri to Kolkata along with 3 friends. We rented a swift Dzire. After 8 hours, we found the road ahead to be blocked due to some riot that just broke out between two communities. There was huge traffic jam of 3–4 kms in google maps.

    We all were in hurry as we had to reach our offices as early as possible. My best friend took charge of the situation and found another route to reach Kolkata.

    We took the diversion and soon we found ourselves in the middle of lush green fields. Mango, Jamun and Guava trees greeted us on the way. The sight of farmers ploughing rice fields and girls decorating their huts was a great reprieve from the congested colonies of Calcutta. The scent of fresh rain and smell of clay mesmerised us.

    After 5 hours from the moment we left the highway, we entered a rustic village on the banks of the mighty river Hooghly.

    The driver stopped the car and spoke something in Bengali to my friend B who was sitting to my right.

    There was no road ahead, only a river that we could not have crossed even if we knew how to swim.

    Suddenly, we heard a voice emanating from my friend B’s smartphone , “cross the river”. It was Google map.

    Our eyes bore into him. I asked him if he selected swimming as the travel mode for us. He said no.

    He was as flabbergasted as us.

    There was not even a trace of any bridge that would have been submerged due to flood.

    There was simply no road. We wandered there for about 5 minutes weighing our options.

    Finally, we saw a car ferry approaching us. It looked very small and we doubted if it could hold our car.

    It was indeed a small ferry but we ended up crossing the river along with the car. It was scary and adventurous.

    The ferry looked like this: attached image


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