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Which one is better, a 70K private job or a 40K government job?

1 Answer

  1. The government job is better even if it pays 40k instead of private job which pays 70k.

    I’ve worked in private sector and can confirm that Indian private sector jobs are terrible. For that 70k a private sector company will take 140k worth of work out of you. Most of the times, even though official timings were 9 to 5 Monday to Saturday, I rarely left my office at 5 and most of the days left around 7pm and sometimes even worked on Sundays.

    Now I’m in govt job, I arrive at office at 9am and leave at 5pm without any problem and Second Saturdays are off every month.

    In private job, i only got 7 days off without pay when I wanted to take a vacation and for that also I was only given special permission from the boss as I was in his good books. Whereas in govt job you get 10 days paid leave for LTC to take vacation anywhere in India.

    In private job I was happy with salary initially for 2 -3 months but after that I realised a few things:

    I was getting fat because of only 5 hour sleep and drinking sugary coffee to keep myself awake in office
    My private job was making me work 2–3 times more than normal and only paying 70k
    No time with family and the little time I got was used by me to sleep and recover physically than interact with family
    Since all Saturdays were working I had no time to visit bank or to do any household chores as on Sunday also I needed to take rest and could hardly move a muscle.
    Everyday I used to curse my job but still had to work and give 100 percent otherwise I would get in the bad books of boss.
    After 1 year of struggle the private job increased my salary by 5k, and my salary became 75k. But that hardly satisfied me as I realised expectations from me had increased even more. That meant I was given even more work than I could take.
    Now I’m in govt job which pays me 60k a month plus benefits. And I’m happier. More respect for work done. The public gives a heartfelt thank you when I do work for them. I feel I’m contributing to the nation. I spend more time with family. I get paid leave for LTC. I work decent hours and am paid decently.
    Once you have worked in Pvt and govt sector you will realise that govt sector pays more for per hours work done than Pvt sector.


    1: Wow, I’m getting a lot of backlash from private sector people. Especially those who are working in good start-ups. I am happy for you if you have a good job which allows you a good work life balance. I didn’t get that privilege in the private sector. Therefore I decided to leave it within a year.

    2. Most people want to know my post. Guys, I was selected in the civil services in the IRS. Which is definitely better than 99 percent Pvt sector jobs. I didn’t want to brag about it earlier. The thing is that even junior jobs in govt sector are better than pvt sector. This is because capitalists suck your flesh and blood out. Those working in the Pvt sector know the false laddu called “incentive”. They would know they have to say Yes Boss to everything. If you say No to work you don’t like. It’s game over for you. Also in the private sector, new entrants can join at any level. If you had a good boss, chances are he will quit and find another job and the company will replace him with a demon who himself works 14–15 hours a day and would expect his juniors to atleast give a 12.

    3: Those who are saying I’m a lazy bum. Well, I’m not. I realise that if I know I have only 8 hours to give in a day in the job. I give my best shot each day. IRS is a very responsible job. I’m taking my revenge on that fucking capitalist class who make huge profits and pay little tax and little salaries to their employees.

    4: Someone also said that I was in a bad job therefore I suffered. Well, actually no. That company has a very high reputation. But it is a false reputation. Can’t take its name here and risk a lawsuit.

    5: Which govt job pays 60k? A lot of them actually. Do some research. My job is now paying me 80k in hand after salary revision and increments.

    6: Those who think what I’ve written is fake and raising doubts that why were my muscles so sore and why I was drinking coffee all day. Guys, you need to get a life. What I stated is 100% truth. I swear on it.

    7: Those who stated that after 4 or 5 years they were making a huge sum in the private sector. I am happy for you people. Congratulations. But are you satisfied just with the cash? How is your work-life balance? What does your family feel about your job? Are you intellectually, physically, emotionally happy? Think about this.

    8. I lost all that fat I accumulated. I joined a gym because I had time and energy left for it and now weigh 10kgs lesser and have lots of muscle.

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