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why Holi is a famous festival in India?

2 Answers

  1. Holi is a festival of colours that celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of the good over the evil. It originated in India but now is adopted by many parts of the world.

    Every year the festival celebrations begin on the evening of full moon that comes in ‘Phalguna’ (between the end of February and the middle of March), carrying on into the next day.

    The first evening is called the HOLIKA DAHAN. The name comes from the story where an evil woman named Holika sat in fire with her nephew, she supposedly had a cloak which would have prevented her from burning in the fire but the nephew would have burnt. Instead, due to the prayers made by the nephew (Prahlad), the cloak flew onto him and Holika died in the fire while Prahlad was saved. Hence the name HOLIKA DAHAN, where DAHAN means Burning.

    People gather around a bonfire to celebrate this victory of good over the evil. They perform rituals and ask God to destroy any evil inside them.

    The next morning is the when the actual Holi (Rangwali Holi) festival starts. People play with Gulal (red colour made organically from flowers) and colour each others face.

    The significance of applying Gulal on everyone’s face is to signify that no matter what skin colour a human being has, he or she is same in the eyes of God and there must be no racism based on colour differences in skin. This concept of throwing Gulal comes from the Hindu legend of Krishna. Krishna is a dark skinned god, he loved Radha who was fair. When Krishna asked his mother about the colour difference, she gave him the Gulal and told him that applying this colour by Radha Krishna to each other would kill the differences between them.

    I hope you like the answer:)

  2. Holi is a Hindu festival that has been celebrated since ancient times. The Holi Festival is celebrated as a way to welcome in spring, and also is seen as a new beginning where people can release all their inhibitions and start fresh. It is said that during the Holi Festival, the gods turn a blind eye, and it’s one of the few times extremely devout Hindus allow themselves to let loose. They open up and enjoy each other’s company, take time to dance and party, and throw their cultural norms to the side. On the first day of the festival, a bonfire is lit to symbolically burn away all the bad and give way to a colorful and vibrant new future.

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