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Why is the every movie released on Friday?

3 Answers

  1. Since sunday is a public holiday and to some extent the Saturdays, hence a movie released on friday will get 2 more days to stabilise or surge its collections.

    Since friday has been selected as the industry accepted release date that will help the films to stay in theatres until next friday even if it is fails in the theatre after releasing…

    The number of theatres are limited on the basis of films being produced, so there is a booking system in which either the production house or the theatre owners book a theatre for a film months in advance or even before the shooting begins in case of a hyped or superstar movies, so everything will be focused and managed targetting that friday release…

    Friday is also auspicious day and in countries like GCC and islamic nations it is a public holiday, don’t know whether any connection between this and Friday’s release..

    I can’t comment anything behind the history of Friday’s release but logically I think this can be the reason..

  2. Four reasons —

    1. The Muslim influence – initially (1940–60) the film industry was heavily influenced by urdu lyricists, story writers, muslim musicians, directors and actors. As Friday would be auspicious for them it was thought as a favourable day.

    2. Hindu Agreement – The day of Friday is also auspicious to Hindus (day of Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth). All producers in Hindi film industry were wealthy north Indian businessmen. They believed Lakshmi mata would appease with monetary success on her day which is Friday.

    3. Pilot for weekend – Friday is a test run (if to increase shows or advertise more) based on response on that day before weekend begins. Thus a successful go live strategy.

    4. Banks and money – Earlier producers and distributors would share profit and loss each day so the first day would decide the cash movement. Banks would be open on Fridays to facilititate cash. It would be difficult to do so on Saturday (half day) and Sunday (bank off).

  3. Because of the weekends like Saturday & Sunday. So every movie is released on Friday.

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