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Will Narendra Modi continue his 3rd term as prime minister?

2 Answers

  1. PM Narendra Modi is 72 years old, he himself has made a policy that his party leaders should retire after 75 years and not allowed to hold any ministerial berth in the government.

    I guess PM Modi will take the oath of the Prime Minister of the country third time on the 26th May ,2024 (8).. but he might leave the position for Amit Shah somewhere in 2026 (2+6=8, his favourite number).

    History will remember PM Narendra Modi as one of the most distinguished prime ministers of modern India ever after his retirement because of his simplicity, hard work, politics, diplomacy, integrity and vision.

    PM Modi has already laid down a strong roadmap for India鈥檚 all-round development. It鈥檚 results will be visible more vividly in the next decade. India will be the number one economy leaving behind both the USA and China.

    PM Modi will be more appreciated & valued for his policies & programs by his supporters as well as critics once he relinquished the position of prime minister of India..at its zenith of popularity!!

    Modi鈥檚 adoration, accomplishment and statesmanship will hardly be matched by any other subsequent prime minister of India!!

    PM Modi has transcended the left-right divisions and made the BJP the natural party of governance. No social or geographical space is beyond the reach of the party.

    Narendra Modi will also be remembered as the most secular leader (in the true sense) of India.. but only after his retirement!!

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