We’re excited to introduce the Quinpin Partnering Program, an inclusive opportunity available to all Quinpin users. This program allows you to earn real money by actively participating in our thriving community. Our goal is to appreciate and reward your valuable contributions, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge exchange and interaction.

How Does it Work?

The Quinpin Partnering Program lets you accumulate points through various activities. For every question you ask, you’ll earn 5 points, and for each best answer you provide, you’ll receive 25 points. By participating in these discussions and sharing your insights, you contribute to the community’s growth while boosting your points balance.

To understand more about the points awarded for different activities, please refer to our Points & Badges System Page (

Earning and Conversion:

Every 60 points you accumulate can be converted into 1 INR. This innovative points-to-rupees conversion structure ensures your contributions translate directly into tangible rewards.

Minimum Withdrawal:

To initiate a withdrawal, you need to reach a minimum balance of 1200 points, equivalent to 20 INR. This ensures that your withdrawal request is both substantial and convenient for you.

Withdrawal Methods:

When you’re ready to claim your well-earned rewards, you have two withdrawal options:

1. UPI Payment Method: You can request a withdrawal with a minimum of 1200 points (20 INR). This method ensures a seamless transfer of your earnings.
2. Bank Transfer Method: If you opt for the bank transfer withdrawal method, please note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 6000 points (100 INR). Selecting this method below the threshold will result in the cancellation of your withdrawal request.


All Quinpin users are eligible to participate in the Quinpin Partnering Program. Whether you’re a seasoned member or a newcomer, you can contribute and earn rewards by sharing your knowledge or asking questions on the Quinpin platform.

How to Participate:

Participating is easy! Simply visit, create your account, and start sharing your knowledge or asking questions on the Quinpin platform. Your engagement will not only enrich the community but also enable you to earn valuable rewards.

Program Policies:

Your participation is highly valued, and we encourage fair and genuine engagement. Please be aware that the Quinpin Partnering Program operates under certain terms and conditions. If we detect any violation, including cheating, creating fake accounts, or engaging in activities against program policies, we reserve the right to block your account or withhold withdrawals.


The Quinpin Partnering Program is your avenue to contribute, learn, and earn substantial rewards for your involvement in the Quinpin community. We value your expertise and interaction, and this program is our way of showing appreciation.

Please note that by participating in this program, you agree to our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy. Join the Quinpin Partnering Program today and embark on a rewarding journey of knowledge sharing, recognition, and earning real rewards!